Service Range

  • Maintenance services

  • Installation and construction services

Maintenance services


We offer maintenance service all across Poland thanks to service points located as far as Rzeszów and Gdańsk. We customise our maintenance system in order to match the customer’s needs – it can be a flat-rate monthly fee or service on demand, paid for after every intervention.


The company is located in Katowice. Our headquarters are equipped with a telephone exchange with 5 phone lines and a broadband Internet connection which allows us to coordinate the work of our servicemen.


Our proprietary service management applications allow us to monitor the whole service process in detail, beginning with the automatic registration of the client’s request, through forwarding the request to the proper servicemen, ending with a confirmation of the completion of the job directly in our system.


Our solutions allow us to


  • increase the effectiveness of technical support
  • decrease the costs of technical maintenance
  • streamline the communication and decision-making process when it comes to technical and budget issues


Our solution provides us with current data about the status of all malfunctions that we have been notified about and it allows us to react accordingly.


On customer’s request we provide regular reports which contain data regarding the reliability of the equipment, material costs and downtime. We are able to generate reports for each of our customers. You just have to communicate such an expectation at the time when the contract is signed. We shall then adjust the data that is being collected for the given customer.


Taking our customers' interests into consideration we decided to insure our company with a trusted insurer – HDI Gerling. Our civil liability policy is for the sum of 2 million Polish zlotys and it covers environmental damages, as well as an insurance for construction companies with regression to subcontractors.


Car Wash Maintenance


We offer guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance service for hand, automatic and portal car washes from such renowned companies as


  • California Kleindienst
  • Wesumat
  • Washtec


We have at our disposition original spare parts from all of these producers. The rich experience of our employees when it comes to car wash machine servicing and regular producer training sessions allow us to offer the highest level of professionalism.

Thanks to many service points we are able to handle machines all across the country.


Dispenser Maintenance


We offer fuel and LPG dispensers produced by


  • Gilbarco / Salzkotten
  • Wayne Dresser
  • Scheidt & Bachmann
  • Adast
  • MM Petro
  • Nuovo Pignone and others


We calibrate flow meters and prepare dispensers for legalisation by the Polish Central Office of Measures. We regenerate fuel pumps and VRS.

We check the efficiency of vapour recovery systems (VRS).


We measure the resistance of fuel hoses.


We sell original spare parts for most dispenser models available on the market.


Car Wash Automation Systems


We offer maintenance services for fuel station cash registers, Hectronic machines, point of sale computers with their peripherals, UPOS and ELZAB fiscal printers. We also service automatic fuel level control systems in storage reservoirs and leak detection systems for reservoirs, as well as fuel and LPG pipes.


We offer regular maintenance and on demand repairs. We guarantee a quick response and short repair time.


We have at our disposition original spare parts and our servicemen are authorised by leading manufacturers of equipment like Veeder Root, Petro-Vend and Fafnir.


Automatic Gates and Doors Maintenance

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