• SofTecs brushes

  • Car wash chemical agents

  • Dispenser filters



SofTecs® brushes are a new generation of brushes formed from polyethylene foam tape. Thanks to this technology their cleaning capabilities are similar to textile brushes but without their drawbacks – that is pollutant absorption and absorbability.


The benefits of using SofTecs® brushes:


  • delicate cleaning – the paint remains shiny
  • effects especially suited for dark paints and new vehicles
  • longer lifespan – about 50 000 washes, compared to 25 000 with traditional brushers



Benefits for the car wash owner/operator:


  • winning some clients who have been using hand washes
  • winning clients who have new cars or cars with dark paint
  • more washes for the car wash
  • services offered for premium fuel stations
  • offering a washing technology that is not widely available in the country – an advantage over other competitors

SofTecs® brushes were installed by the WashTec GmbH company in about 6000 car washes and their cleaning effectiveness is well affirmed – SofTecs® brushes achieved the highest grade in the car wash test performed by ADAC.

SofTecs® brushes are recommended by top car manufacturers.


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