Car wash maintenance


Petrobit Company sells, installs and services automatic car washes. Since 2009 we have been working as an authorised dealer and maintenance partner in Poland for the leading car wash manufacturer – WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH.


This German company has been created as a result of a fusion between two important car wash manufacturers – Wesumat and California Kleindienst. The company is a leader in its segment, with a 30% share of the global market and a 50% share of the European market. 50 years of experience make it an example for others when it comes to the design, production, sale and maintenance of car washes. All of the equipment we sell is EN ISO 9001, 14001 certified.

We have installed150 such devices in Poland and their reliability and high quality has been appreciated by companies such as BP, PKN Orlen, Shell and many individual customers.

The models we offer represent all segments that are present on the modern car wash market. When it comes to construction and operation method – gate (portal), tunnel and touchless. When it comes to purpose – car washes for light and heavy vehicles, as well as hobby car washes. All of this is supplemented by highly efficient equipment for water recovery and a broad range of consumables.


Many analyses and publications show that car washes are a great addition to fuel stations or a good separate investment. If you are interested in building a car wash, in costs, methods of financing and capabilities of modern car wash equipment, please contact us: zapytanie(at)

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