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We are the sole Polish representative of DEZIDATA - TVE GmbH, the manufacturer of innovative measurement systems for road tankers.


The founders of the company made it their goal to provide the market with a comprehensive electronic monitoring system of road fuel tankers which would consist of individual – centrally controlled but at the same time autonomic – modules. The various elements create a complete system which allows for constant monitoring of the amount and quality of product on the whole route of the tanker – from the filling station until unloading. The system also enables unloading the product without fear of mixing different types of fuel or unloading fuel contaminated by undesired additions (crossover protection).


The fully innovative method for monitoring the level and volume, which uses ultrasonic waves, makes it possible for the system not to contain any movable parts, unlike mechanical flow meters in systems consisting of a probe and a floater. The lack of heavy armature means that the system is lighter and – in the case of lighter and lighter tankers made out of aluminium alloys – this creates significant benefits due to the increased amount of product being transported without exceeding the allowed total weight.


The precision of measurement is < 0.1 %, which is better than previous methods by an order of magnitude. This is a unique, fully electronic measurement system which enables:


  • legalised volume measurement of chambers with an accuracy of < 0.1 %
  • unloading faster by 50%
  • precise analysis of shortages
  • automatic identification of products in chambers
  • crossover protection
  • position monitoring via GPS
  • ultrasonic measurement with no movable parts
  • modularity and extremely low weight of the system
  • Polish Central Office of Measures authorisation



The system consists of elements called:


DEZI-DIPCHECK – an electronic system which monitors the filling status of the tanker’s chambers and detects the type of product being transported. Certified by the Central Office of Measures as a measurement system


DEZI-COP – a crossover protection system which meets the requirement of EN 14116


DEZI-SEAL – a system working as an electronic seal which monitors the opening of the valves and other elements that allow access to the transported fuel


DEZI-TRACK – a module which allows for the exchange of data between the tanker and the logistic base


DEZI-CHEM-M – a monitoring system for car tankers designed for the transportation of chemicals


Owning such an accurate measurement system will certainly give great benefits to its users. It can be the element that allows you to win a tender or to be chosen before other companies with a similar profile. If you are interested in installing such a product or getting to know more about it, please contact us: zapytanie(at)petrobit.pl

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